Virtual Wargamers' Club WIKI

A virtual clubhouse for people who play wargames online. The primary purpose of this website is to help you find and interact with vFtF or PBEM opponents.

There are a few cool virtual gaming programs/tools available (e.g.,  ACTS, ADC, BGE, CyberBoard, VASSAL, Wargameroom, ZunTzu). Gratefully online wargaming is supported by many fine game companies (such as Academy, AVP, Columbia, Compass, DVG, DOW, Decision, FPG, GMT, Legion, LnLP, MMP, etc).

Join us by joining this WIKI site. Then,
  • "attend" (or "host") a vEvent (game, vTournament, webinar, demo, ...)
  • post (or answer) an "ad" on our Opponents Wanted "bulletin board"
  • Hang out in our our virtual "lobby", chat with your fellow Virtual Wargamers, click on the quick links to other areas of the VW website, see what is being played on the VASSAL server, or compare your game collection with another player. Hopefully all these will work together to help you PLAY more GAMES!!
If you have an idea to improve this site or if you are having trouble with the website, please drop me an email at rickbill@virtualwargamer.org.

Also visit our BGG guild ... https://boardgamegeek.com/guild/1148

... And our DISCORD server